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At Alliance we have a senior management team that is experienced in asset management. We can support the Owner’s team in preparing asset records for all required assets. We have proprietary templates for every asset class in your facility. We can assist in all phases of Asset Management including Reliability in Design, Asset Inspection & Testing Plans (ITP), Asset Database Cataloging and approved Spare Parts Lists, Reliability Based Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Programs, and Maintenance Strategic Documents addressing the Life Cycle of the Asset. The focus of all elements of the Asset Management process is to enhance Equipment Availability thereby providing increased Facility profitability. Asset management deliverables are as follows:
  • Asset records
  • Asset inspection and testing plans (ITPs)
  • Asset spare parts
  • Asset life cycle preventative maintenance plan
  • Asset bills of material requirements
  • Asset visual inspection program
  • Initial asset PM (Preventative maintenance) work orders
  • Maintenance strategy framing documents