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bet365 sportsbook review  is a key element of successful project execution where early planning and preparation in the project cycle is essential. This process will provide the Owner with full control of the project for all project phases, from Engineering and Construction through Commissioning and Start-Up. A well-managed and documented Systems Completion process will result in a smooth transition of the Facility to Operations, and is founded on the development and execution of a well-defined Systems Completion Planning Process. Commissioning and Startup provides a full array of plant completion services, starting in FEED and completing with operations stabilization. We have “electronic commissioning scope documents” for every category of tagged items installed. Our philosophy is as follows:
  • Bet365 bonus code Maintain a laser focus on Commissioning & Start-up Activities
  • Provide credible commissioning management and execution team that bring technology, work processes, subject matter experts, best practices, lessons learned and procedures as part of our “toolkit.”
  • Commitment to deliver a safe, incident free & successful start-up.
  • Practice of proactive mitigation planning to reinforce “No Surprises.”
Services Include:
  • Support Owner in the development of the System Completion Process
  • Industry recognized Commissioning & Start-Up specialists to furnish “Cold Eyes Review” input in support of major capital projects
  • Field service teams including Bet365 bonus code P&ID walk down, inspection teams, CSS’s, electrical technicians, mechanical specialists.
  • Direct hire commissioning teams to perform flushing drying, motor run ins, loop sell off and all other commissioning activities.
  • RFS (Ready for Startup teams and personnel)
  • Hand over packages and system packages and punch list management.
  • Project tracking software.
  • Equipment certification and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Industry recognized “best practice” Commissioning Planning Applications (SYSTEMS COMPLETION APPROACH)
  • HAZOPS, PSR’s and PSSR’s
  • Operator training and procedure writing
  • Commissioning guidelines and procedures
  • Training programs, job specific
In addition to the above our Backward Integration Process will ensures a reliable Commissioning schedule designed to meet the needs of Startup. This process works as follows:
  • When executing a capital project, we focus on the concept to completion philosophy.  A project is not complete until it is validated and the unit is started up.  We schedule the project by working backwards from Startup Dates obtained from the Client.  This information produces dates that are used to develop target mechanical completion dates.
  • As we prepare our execution plan, the project is broken down into Operating Systems.  All activities are assigned an operation system code.
The Operating System Time Line established by this Backward Integration combined with our OWL (Outstanding Work List) process ensures we achieve our turnover milestones accurately.